Soil and Foundation Testing

Concern for occupational safety and health is one of the key factors leading to the improvement of working conditions and the provision of a safe working environment aimed at protecting the human and physical capital against workplace hazards within different installations

Soil and Foundation Testing

In the field of soil, concrete and foundation testing, our company is characterized by a modern, certified laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for testing and analysing soil materials and concrete. This laboratory is supported by a number of sophisticated excavators to carry out all material engineering tests and examinations needed for soil and buildings; as well as geotechnical studies generally needed by the construction sector

Design & Engineering Consulting

We aim to provide economic, safe, efficient, sustainable and viable designs from the initial conceptual stage to the detailed design phase
Our team is working closely with you to find appropriate solutions and provide management and implementation support and assistance, in order to ensure successful and highly efficient projects
Our services are based on the highly experienced staff of engineers and technicians in various engineering fields, including architectural, structural, civil, electrical and mechanical
In line with the recent technological developments and digital transformation, ebdaasa Team is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and latest design programs that help creating designs and studies by the use of BIM system and track the Leadership in Green Buildings. The company also has an integrated library of engineering standards, design codes and modern building material catalogues, helping the working group to be constantly familiar with alternative solutions and advanced techniques

  • Architectural design and interior design
  • Urban planning and urban design
  • Infrastructure, roads and bridges
  • Water and Sanitation

Architectural Design

Our goal is to provide support and assistance to our customers in order to identify and understand their needs by discussing concepts, perceptions and design purposes, as well as analyzing the project nature, then; we can meet the customers’ aspirations
We pay considerable attention to the architectural design phase with a view to create unique modular designs, that not only achieve customer satisfaction but also exceed their expectations and fully achieve the functional objectives of each element as well as environmental considerations
In this way, we can deliver high-quality and economically viable projects to our customers, while maintaining the surrounding ecosystem

Interior Design

For interior design, we confirm that each design uniquely reflects the nature, circumstances and aspirations of each customer, thus, we aim to make a balance between aesthetic dimension and functionality
Our interior design methodology is to create an environment consistent with the customer’s personality and objectives, taking into account the economic, cultural and environmental factors and keeping pace with future trends
Thus, ebdaasa’s interior design experts seek access to the most accurate details achieving excellence in work output, by providing an integrated study of the components of the interior spaces using the latest engineering software

Urban Planning and Urban Design

ebdaasa covers all aspects of urban design and planning, which is one of the company’s main disciplines
We adopt a philosophy stating that urban design determines the people’s lifestyles and behaviours within societies
Our methodology is based on providing economically, socially and environmentally viable solutions that fit the nature of society and future trends
Therefore, we consider this dimension in each aspect of our planning work, as it helps guaranteeing the prosperity of both individuals and society

Projects management

The fundamental significance of project management has emerged as projects have become more financially, technically and logistically complex.
The basic criterion for the success of any project is the completion of the project on time, cost, and required quality
ebdaasa has built up extensive experience in providing successful project management services to government and private sector projects by attracting and qualifying a number of (PMP) certified engineers
Our services include

  • Total projects management
  • Implementation supervision
  • Technical and administrative consulting in project management

Heritage Projects

In recent years, ebdaasa has carried out a number of projects specialized in urban heritage with (Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs & Housing) in the following fields:
Surveying Heritage Sites
The company has worked on surveying heritage sites in several projects, studied, evaluated and prioritized them to determine methods for dealing with each site, including the development of databases and electronic applications
Studying and Analysing Heritage Sites
The company has conducted several studies of heritage sites within the scope of a number of projects, including historical, urban, environmental, investment, archaeological and structural studies
Survey and Architectural Documentation of Heritage Sites
Through cadastral survey and architectural documentation, a number of vital projects have been carried out. The work included the exterior building inspection and architectural documentation of architectural features of buildings, display of horizontal elevations, facades and sections using 3D laser scanners
Rehabilitation and restoration of heritage sites
The company has rehabilitated and restored a number of heritage and historical sites. The work included the preparation of rehabilitation suggestions, usage, protection and investment of heritage sites, as well as preparing design and design and shop drawings, bill of quantities and technical specifications for the restoration work

Land and engineering survey

ebdaasa delivers land surveying and engineering surveying of key installations, infrastructure and development projects using state-of-the-art devices such as the 3D Laser Scanners
Our services include:

  • Aerial surveying
  • Property or real estate survey
  • Topographical survey
  • GPS surveying
  • Photogrammetry
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Clear GPS
  • Photographic survey
  • 3D laser scanning